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I have studied many healing modalities including Clairvoyant Healing, Aura reading, Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda and Theta. I am a graduate of Psychic Horizons Clairvoyant Training, a Reverend of the Church of Natural Grace and a Reiki Master. My approach to healing work is with deep humility and warmth. I am a firm believer that amusement and laughter can heal many wounds.

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Aura Reading & Healing

You want to unlock your own inner wisdom

An aura reading can provide clarity and insight into the energy, patterns and belief systems that are shaping your life - particularly when addressing blocks you have been working on for a long time. In a reading with Elisa, you gain insight into how beliefs and past experiences (including past lives) influence your life in present time. You begin to understand why your life is the way that it is, and with understanding comes the ability to consciously create change. Each reading includes an energetic healing, which helps to restore balance and flow to your body, mind, and spirit.

This service is available for one hour or 1/2 hour over the phone. Fee is $120 per hour and $60 per 1/2 hour.   

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We all want to continue to grow as we navigate the world and plan our lives with loved ones, careers, workouts, but something always seems to be missing as we chase life.  Do we work on our energy?  If you're like me, I didn't even know the meaning of a chakra, let alone that I have seven of them. Working on my energy allowed me to heal the past and roll forward with the present and future. If you want to live your best life each and every day, then I recommend getting your aura reading by the one and only, Elisa Brossard.  Her magical gift to the world will supercharge your chakras and leave you feeling at peace!

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Ritual & Ceremony Creation

You want to honor change and transition

Rituals and ceremonies are powerful ways to honor and mark important life turning points. I am a trained Reverend who performs traditional ceremonies like weddings, funerals and baptisms. I also specialize in custom rituals for other life turning points. Some examples include; promotions, business launches, retirement, pet funerals, end of relationship, divorce, and new beginnings, to name a few. Whatever your turning point is, we will work together to create a ritual or ceremony with respect and honor. 

This service is completely customized based on your needs. During the free introductory call, we will work together to determine next steps and rates.   

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