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Elisa Brossard

Courageous | Intuitive | Supportive


I am a certified coach and leader through the Co-active Training Institute. I believe we all have a calling, but we get in our own way and out of the energetic natural flow. If you are feeling stuck and looking to get back in flow to create a life you are excited about, I want to work with you. I have a passion for helping clients live their dreams because my own journey of coaching and healing has helped me clarify and live my own dreams.

With over 20 years corporate experience, working in a variety of industries and cultures, and an International MBA from Thunderbird, I understand what it means to be engaged in a corporate career while seeking to build a whole, rich and meaningful life. In the exploration of my purpose, I was drawn to spirituality and healing work. I have studied spiritual modalities including Clairvoyant Healing, Aura reading, Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda and Theta. I am a graduate of Psychic Horizons Clairvoyant Training, a Reverend of the Church of Natural Grace and a Reiki Master. In 2018, I found coaching and fell in love with it at my first training. As a coach I leverage the strengths of business and spirituality to help my clients bring their full self to the world and embrace their calling. 

My dream has been to share my passion for coaching and healing to help others find their true purpose and follow their dreams. I moved in 2019 from San Francisco to Denver to be close to the mountains where my soul feels at home. I now live my dream of simplicity, joy and flexibility.

Now that you know a bit about me, I would love to learn more about you!

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