• Elisa Brossard

A couple tips to calm the monkey mind..

Ever been up at 4am with your mind racing? My mind seems to delight in going down every potential rabbit hole of how things could work out. From the biggest challenge like a big presentation to a little email exchange not topic is off limits. It is exhausting but I have found some techniques over the years that can help: 1. Counting – Say in you head 111-222-333 over and over again. It sounds silly but it keeps the mind focused on something other than worrying or rabbit holes. My momma taught me this when I was 12 and stressed about school. I still use it to this day and by gosh it works. 2. Use your breath - Every day we breathe in and out without ever thinking about it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to use your breath to love yourself, calm yourself and tame the monkey mind? Here is how: Pick a mantra something nourishing and meaningful to you. I like to breathe in “I love you” and breathe out “you are beautiful”. You can pick something custom to your current situation eg. Breathe in: “I am a good Mom”. Breathe out: “I love my children” Breathe in: “I am a Rockstar”. Breathe out: “I am going to rock the meeting tomorrow”.

Go wild and have fun breathing! 3. Visioning – Envision that the thing you are worrying about has already resolved itself. For example, a big presentation – see yourself after the presentation feeling light, joyful and knowing you did a great job without anyone having to tell you. Imagine how delightfully relaxed your body feels knowing that you did your best. Or the confrontation with a coworker – imagine the conversation being civil, open minded and easily resolved. Feel in your body the satisfaction of having said what you needed to say.

I am sure there are a thousand more techniques but these have worked for me so I thought I would share in case they resonate for you.

Now go back to sleep – sweet dreams!

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