• Elisa Brossard

An invitation/dare to start being present

A friend of mine challenged me to take a picture every day for a year of something new that delighted me. At the time I must admit I was not very present in my life, nor was I enjoying it much. I would begrudgingly trudge to work every morning. Go completely on autopilot at work, I am not even sure I was in body at work because when I left in the evening it was like waking up and remembering who I was – EVERY EVENING. So, then I would trudge home at the end of the day. My evenings consisted of Netflix and vino. I am completely embarrassed to even write this but that was my life for several years. I was living technically but NOT ALIVE.

The picture challenge intrigued me. I thought, what do I see that is new and different every day my life is so boring? So, I started. At first I went for the big things that normal people take pictures of eg. My apartment, my coffee shop, the food I was eating, my view at work. Things got interesting when I ran out of the big things. I was completely committed to the challenged so started being hypervigilant seeking something new on the way to and from work. I wasn’t trudging anymore, I was on an adventure. Little things became magical. Things I had never seen before became clear as day. Cracks in the sidewalk became works of art. Works of art on buildings I had never paid any attention to popped out of nowhere. Nuances of how people dressed or carried themselves became fascinating. I celebrated each time I saw something I hadn’t seen before. It became a game to stay fully present on my walking commute to and from work. Instead of becoming harder over time it became easier and easier.

Now I admit, at work I was still on autopilot during this year of pictures. But every journey has got to start somewhere. I share in the hopes that it inspires you to start getting present to the magic around you. Try it out, a picture every day for one month and see what happens – I double dog dare you ;-)

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