• Elisa Brossard

Just a few benefits of life coaching...

Coaching is an incredible way to explore what is possible in your life! A good coaching relationship can be life changing if you are willing to do the work and open yourself to making meaningful changes. Here are a few benefits of coaching:

Get clarity on what you REALLY want: In the coaching relationship you are given permission to dream big and create a vision for your life without any constraints. Most folks are surprised by how it isn’t usually the material things that matter in the visioning process. It is much more the values that they want to honor in their lives – like peace, freedom, acceptance, joy.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Over the course of our lives we are told things by others that sometimes aren’t even true and we take them on as truth. “This is who I am!”; we declare to the world and over time we become more and more rigid in our idea of ourselves and less adaptable as new things come our way. A good way to watch out for limiting beliefs is to pay attention to where you say “I can’t”. Keep track of when you are saying “I can’t” to and see if there are any patterns.

Shift your perspective: Sometimes we get stuck and in our own way by always staying in one mindset. Coaching can help you shift and explore many perspectives so that you can see all the possibilities available to you.

Be held accountable: A coaching relationship is over several months, during that time you get to take steps to make progress on your goals. Your coach will challenge you, encourage you and hold you accountable for your bigger goals. Each session you will make progress towards those goals.

These are just some of the benefits of coaching, there are many more. The best way to understand them is to try coaching out. Most coaches offer intro sessions for free. If you are looking to make a meaningful change in your life – having a supportive coach can be a game changer!

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