• Elisa Brossard

Society isn't the villain!

I realized recently that I blame society for a ton of things. I blame it for how it treats and at the same time idolizes women. I blame it for how it overly focuses on external and material. I blame it for how obsessed it is with making money and being rich. I blame, I blame, I blame. Shame on me for blaming!

I realize I have created an evil villain out of Society. It is the cause of all my problems. I suppose in my warped brain that makes me the hero to conquer society, call it out on all its flaws and be applauded in the end. A superhero movie in the making… Who the fuck am I to be so damn judgmental?

It occurs to me that “Society” isn’t a thing outside of ourselves, as much as it is inside. In other words, I get to buy into what I like in society and not what I don’t like. Deep, right? I am society, and I get to choose what to focus on and what to value. I have been judging and blaming society on all my woes, and I AM SOCIETY! I am in the power seat for what I take on as truth for me. I am not sure this will make sense to anyone but me, but I need to say it.

So here is my new practice. When I want to blame society for something, I ask myself: is that true for me, do I believe it? For instance, do I believe that material goods are a measure of a person’s happiness and wealth? No, I don’t. So, there is no one to blame – there is no villain here, and I am no hero. There is nothing left to talk about, and I can get on with my day. Hurray!

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