• Elisa Brossard

StreamDreams Aura Readings - what to expect.

Aura readings are like an energetic massage! The reading brings issues into a clearer light so that you can work with them more easily. An aura reading explores blockages in your energetic system that are holding you back from getting what you want in life. Blockages could be from limiting beliefs you took on earlier in life, past life experiences or other people’s information. Bless our family and friends for letting us know their beliefs. But at some point it is good to clear their information so you can access your own.

In my aura readings, I will ask for your permission to look at your energy. Permission is incredibly important in energy work and without it I will not look at your energy. Once permission is received I will ask you what you want to look at, you can choose up to 3 topics to explore. From there we dive into each layer of your chakra system starting at the root chakra. I see in pictures and will tell you what I see, the meaning of it and how it is impacting your current situation. When we get the end there will be a clearing and any pictures/beliefs ready to go will be cleared. Then and this is the best part by far you get some yummy healing energies to seal in the healing and set your energy up to go back into your amazing life!

My aura readings may be different from others so I encourage you to explore which type would be best for your situation. If you want to learn more please feel free to schedule a free introductory call. I love talking about energy work so am happy to answer any questions.

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