• Elisa Brossard

The Value of Values!

When you are living in alignment with your values you can find more joy and happiness in life. Living in alignment creates harmony. Living out of alignment creates friction. We all have many values, spoken and unspoken that are important to us. Some were given to us by family and community, some are our own and can point us to our north star of what is meaningful in life. Here are 2 quick tips to play with to find your top driving values:

1. Imagine a recent “perfect” experience. What were you doing, who was there, what was the environment, how were you feeling, what was your mindset???? Get curious what made that experience so great? Maybe you got to spend time with a loved one and were honoring your values of relationships, intimacy and connection. Or perhaps you went on a solo hike in the woods and were honoring your values of nature, freedom and self-care. Start writing a list of all the values these peak experiences honor. You are a multi-faceted human being so maybe there are many values to harvest here!

2. Imagine the last time you were “triggered” or pissed off with someone or a situation. Don’t dwell just remember it and let it go! Now get curious – what value was NOT honored in that situation? Perhaps someone cut you off in traffic and you felt disrespected and not fully seen. Or maybe someone told you what to do and you felt your independence and authenticity threatened. Add these values that when not honored create friction to your list.

And now we get to really play if you are up for some fun! Look at your list and pick your top 5. Write them on a sticky note and keep it somewhere you can look at it daily. Get curious and pay attention to where you are honoring these important values and where they are not being honored.

Have fun with it!

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