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What is coaching?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Being coached is like being the center of a yummy warm universe where everything you care about matters. You feel heard, acknowledged and in your power. You are held in the coaching relationship in all your humanity and given the freedom to be fully authentic. This freedom inspires creativity, magical ideas you had never considered before, new perspectives, and clearer insights.

Coaching isn’t advice giving, therapy, or consulting. You as the client, get to explore what is holding you back from what you want. You are given permission to go after your wildest dreams, get clarity on what really makes your heart sing and be supported in the process.

My first experience of being coached was like opening a portal to a new world of possibilities. I got my first taste of what it like to be fully myself without any societal bull$*&# or saboteurs making me play small. I learned that I am always at choice and because of that I can make different choices.

I was empowered to be myself. I know that sounds silly who else could I be? I realized that I was living to please others and making choices based on what I imagined they wanted. It was a horrifying realization but being conscious of it allowed me to work with it. My first coaching engagement changed my life and gave me permission to follow my dreams, be completely authentic and free.

I share this because the first time I experienced coaching was in my 40’s. It makes me wonder what would have been possible if I had found a coach earlier in life.

Imagine what would be possible for you if you were

given full permission to follow your dreams!

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